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We all want our children to be safe at home (and everywhere).  This is what parents know.

What parents don't know is the best way to make it happen.

There are friends, neighbours and family members that may be handy, or consider themselves that way, but do you fully trust your child's safety with a non-professionals grasp of the subject?  Do they non-technical product knowledge?  How many hours of training and experience installing safety products do they have?

Statistics are littered with those who took the chance.  Don't let your child be a statistic!

Bullseye Child Safety takes the guesswork, difficulty and time consumption out of your hands and delivers a safe, secure, worry-free installation. After all, wouldn't’ you rather spend time with your child(ren) than attempting to install a gate and always wondering if it is safe?

Kenn Macfie is a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CHILDPROOFER and our primary installer. He is also a member of the International Association for Child Safety. As Canada's only CPC, he is dedicated to the safety of your child.

Certified Professional Childproofer  click on the CPC logo for a list of requirements.

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