Professional Home Assessment

Be Child Safe - Self Guided Inspection

Bullseye has a professional Home Assessment service conducted by a Certified Professional Child proofer.

However, if you are out of our geographic territory or you wish to do some on your own, Bullseye has an exclusive alternative to an on-site assessment!

You will be able to complete your own self-guided home assessment with the expert help of Bullseye Child Safety!

A complete home has been setup so that you may tour each room and see what possible hazards exist there.  Solutions for these hazards are given and can be purchased directly from the room.  Prices are comparable to retail with some items you may never see elsewhere!  Another feature to the tour is that there are video segments for many products to show how they are used.  You can also send digital pictures of an area for us to review if you get stumped.

Try getting this kind of FREE service anywhere else!

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Self-Guided Home Assessment


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