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An All-Safe® pool safety net offers some unique and desirable features as a solution to preventing infants and toddlers from entering the pool water unseen or unheard. A pool safety net provides a safe, secure barrier while maximizing the available backyard space and preserving the view and ambience of the swimming pool area. For over three decades the swimming pool safety net has been in use with hundreds of thousands installed worldwide. The small squares are too small for a child's head or body to fit through and too large to allow them to walk, play, jump or stabilize themselves upon. One adult can remove or replace a typical swimming pool safety net in just a few minutes. A series of pulleys is built into the center of the pool safety net. By loosening the pulley rope, the tension is released and the pool safety net is easily removed. Just unhook the clips and roll the pool safety net onto the portable roller. Simply reverse this process to place the pool safety net back onto the pool.

Safety, selection, savings and service are among the many reasons for you to put your confidence in your independent All-Safe® Pool Safety Net Dealer. Safety is our number one concern and our swimming pool safety net products have been developed and tested to meet standards that will provide you with only the highest quality. The All-Safe® pool safety net comes in a selection of styles and strengths with features that are unavailable elsewhere. Our All-Safe® Ratchet and core-drilled anchors are among our unique features. An independent All-Safe® Dealer in your area will be pleased to come to your pool to discuss your pool safety needs with you and to show you why All-Safe® swimming pool netting is the best value. Your swimming pool safety net will be installed by trained professionals and will come with an outstanding warranty. You have made a responsible decision in purchasing a safety barrier and a wise decision in choosing All-Safe®.

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