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In 2008, Bullseye decided it was not only logical but necessary to add safety pool barriers to our business.  Every year far too many children are lost to drowning in our pools.  It could be at a neighbours’, friends’ or grandparents’ home.  It could even be in your own backyard.  

Generally speaking, new pool installations require separation from the rest of a yard regardless of boundary fencing.   It must be a minimum of 48” tall and unclimbable.  The addition of a self-closing, self-locking gate is generally included.  Pools installed before the new laws came into effect are grand fathered in.  This means they are not required to follow the same regulations.  Each municipality has its own laws regarding pool barrier requirements.  Please check yours for more details.

We provide solutions for residential pools of most sizes and shapes.  We have removable pool fence and safety nets as well as winter covers.  All of which are customized to fit your pool area.  

Removable Fence:
Our fence is 48” tall, unclimbable and has a self-closing, self-locking option. Sleeves are installed into concrete or paving stones.  It is not recommended for long sections of grass or earth.

Safety Nets:
Nets are not a substitute for fences in new installations.  They are however, a low-profile option for existing pools.  Anchors are installed into concrete or paving stones.

Winter Covers:
Custom winter covers are incredibly strong and are better at keeping debris out of your pool than the water-bag-on-tarp version commonly sold. Anchors are installed into concrete or paving stones.

Please see Photo section for installations and /or www.allsafepool.com

Bullseye decided to become a trained installer and reseller of ALL-Safe pool barriers.  All-Safe is a leader in the pool barrier industry.  Take a look at their bio.

Our swimming pool safety goal:
The ideal swimming pool safety barrier is available from online slots All-Safe. With many options on the market today, making a responsible choice requires an informed decision. Not every swimming pool safety barrier works for every pool nor does every pool safety barrier work with the individual way you use your pool. It is understandable that a company specializing in pool fences will tell you that a pool fence is best for your pool. A pool safety net company will hope to convince you that a pool safety net is the ideal choice. Pool cover companies will highlight the attributes of a pool cover, etc. You want a swimming pool safety barrier that is effective, affordable, attractive and convenient. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible swimming pool safety barrier solution at the best possible value. Your child's safety depends upon your choice and we want to help you make the one that's right for you.

Pool safety experience:
Our commitment to your peace of mind led to All-Safe's beginnings in 1992. Thirty-five years in the industry and exposure to virtually every pool fence and pool cover situation gives All-Safe's owners a competitive edge. Exploring and creating solutions for every situation, has made All-Safe the industry leader with the largest selection of pool fences and pool covers available. Family-owned and operated, All-safe is proud to have maintained its reputation as a caring, customer-oriented company.

Pool fence selection:

All-Safe has the largest selection of swimming pool safety barriers in the industry. Removable Pool Fences, Pool Safety Nets, Mesh Pool Safety Covers and Automatic Vinyl Covers are some of the options at All-Safe. Each of the pool safety barriers offered by All-Safe is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, installed by experienced factory-trained technicians and backed by All-Safe's manufacturer warranty. All-Safe representatives are trained to promote the swimming pool safety product that is best suited to your pool and the individual way you and your family use it. All-Safe representatives will tell you what is best about each swimming pool safety product and why and then let you make the decision that best suits your needs.

Go to www.allsafepool.com for pictures more details.

With several years of experience and using the best products available, we are confident we can meet your pool safety needs!

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