Question:  My gate squeaks.  What can I do?

Answer:  Sometimes new gates have molded parts that aren't quite free of excess material.  A fine file in the right area can often fix the problem.

Do not add lubricant of any type as this will only attract dust and make things worse.

Another culprit is improperly installed hinges.  Too much pressure on hinges will make them squeak.  To fix - reinstall the hinges or call us!


Question:  I have magnetic locks and one of them won't open.  Help!

Answer:  Sometimes if the drawers are a little too full, the contents will slide up under the locking mechanism and prevent the normal release.

Make sure not to overload the drawers.

A little giggling will sometimes shift the drawer contents enough to release the lock properly.  Worst case scenario, break the lock and get a new one installed.  FYI: if your drawer is MDF or press board it may damage the drawer face if pulled too hard.


Question:   I have the magnetic tot lock system and my key seems to scratch my door.  Solution?

Answer:  Sometimes the key has a little extra material from the manufacturer on the business end of the magnet.  Take a fine metal file and gently rub until smooth.


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