Every little tip helps!

  • Check under the kitchen table for sharp edges
  • Use 2 face foam tape to adhere floor vents to tile and hardwood to keep food, valuables and toys from disappearing
  • Doorstops can be choking hazards. 
    Remove and/or replace them with a one-piece version
  • Plants can be poisonous and/or choking hazards. 
    Check to see if your little green friends are problematic
  • Keep an emergency phone listing on the fridge or in an alternate prominent area.  You never know when you or someone you love beste online casino may need it!
  • Keep knife blocks and all other sharp items to the back of the counter.  Children can reach further than you think!
  • Segregate toys for older children from those of younger children.  
  • Not all toys are toddler friendly when it comes to small parts.

For many more tips and useful information, see our extensive Self-Home Assessment section.

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