Home Hazards

Here are a few home hazards to consider:

Strangulation         --blind cords, scarves, electrical cords, belts
Suffocation            --plastic bags, hot cars, blankets, bumper pads
Choking                  --coins, pet food, toy parts, balloons, door stop caps
Drowning               --pools, hot tubs, ponds, toilet, bath tub, buckets
Poisoning               --plants, detergents, liquor, medication, cosmetics
Falls                        --stairs, shopping carts, strollers, windows, beds
Electrocution          --outlets, live electrical items near water, power bars
Cuts/Pinches          --door jambs, bi-fold doors, drawers, utensils, tools
Falling Items           --bookshelves, lamps, TV's, chest of drawers, chairs
Burns/Scalds          --stove burners, bath water, sun, candles, fireplace
Fire                           --matches, lighters, wood burning fireplace
Auto Collision         --impact, projectiles, improper seat installation

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