Car Seat & Travel Safety

Car Seat and Travel Safety

As Car Seat Technicians we are often asked which toddler seat is the best.



Our standard response is that all seats sold in Canada have to pass strict safety tests in order to be approved for sale in Canada. Therefore as far as safety level is concerned, all new seats sold in Canada are good. Style, colour, comfort, width, seat height and weight range are all factors for the consumer to determine.


Some seats fit better in certain vehicles than others but the combinations are endless.


Bullseye does not sell car seats, but we can direct you to local retailers.

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Please see the Car Seat Installation section of this website for more installation background.


Below are links directing you to important expiration, manufacturing and legal information concerning car seats and vehicles.


There is a certain amount of confusion over changes in the car seat laws that came into effect Jan. 1, 2012. As a consumer, the only change is the minimum requirement for rear-facing children is now 22lbs and 1 year of age. Previously it was 20lbs and 1 year minimum. Car seats made before this new law are perfectly safe and legal to use. Changes were primarily manufacturers responsibility and definitions in the current law. See the following links for more details.


For car seat and vehicle manufacturer contact information:


For car seat expiration by brand and type:

Car Seat and Travel Seat Safety

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