Organization Resources

This is a site that allows you to register all of your child related products in one location. If ever there was a recall on any of these items, this site will send you notification. So much better than having to check all the time or not knowing about a concern until it is too late! This service is free!!

This is the Infant and Toddler Safety Association website. They are Canada's premier source for car seat safety. They also are professional trainers for car seat technicians.

This is the International Association for Child Safety. They are a great resource for child safety information. They are also the only entity that has certification programs for child safety professionals

Ontario Poison Centre handles all phone inquiries into possible poisonings involving plants, liquids, pills and more.

Lists poisonous plants along with photos and information what if i mix some with my smoothie

This site has great information on general child safety.

Transport Canada for car seat and travel safety information.

Canada Safety Council

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Canadian Paediatric Society

Canadian Toy Testing Council

Children Safety Association of Canada




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